Monte Tamaro TI-131

I wanted to make a hike with my Junior. Depending the weather, we decided to go to the warmer part of Switzerland, Ticino. Since i wanted to make an activation during our hike we chose Monte Tamaro. This place is famous by the Chappel Santa Maria degli Angeli designed by Mario Botta.

By train we got to Rivera-Bironico and after a 10minute walk we arrived by the cable car station to Alpe Foppa. The hike started here. Monte Tamaro ist classified as T3 according Swiss SAC.

But at least we got there and had a break first, bread, landjäger and cervelat (typical switzerland). All togehter with a glass of wine (Gipfelwein).

Invigorated, i prepared for the acrivation. A HWEF as inverted L should do the job. First i tried to get an S2S, but no way. 40m the first QSO with Slovak Republic, Spain and UK. I tried 20m with no result so i got back to 40m and worked Czech Republic and Spain.

While i was working, there where 2 Italien Mounten Bikers getting to the top, carrying their bike, crazy people.

It was time to leave to catch the bus at Alpe Neggia. By bus an train we got to Bellinzona and had evening meal. Back home by train, trough the Gotthard Base Tunnel.





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