Swiss Sota Mountain Activation Day 2018

The Swiss Sota Mountain Activation Day 2018 toke place the 16.06.2018, a mostly sunny day. SInce i did not have a lof of time, i decided to go to HB/SO-019 thats close to my place. My wife drove me up and after a very short walk into the activation zone i started setup the antenna. This time i have a 10m and a 7m fiber mast and erected a Inverted L with an endfed (20m) antenna.

At the beginning i concentrated working S2S with other Swiss OM. After 8 S2S i started calling CQ on my own frequency, during this time i worked UK, Norway and Portugal and swiss OM doing S2S.

During the breaks, i was throwing the frisbee for my dog, she likes this game.

On Top of the Engelberg, there is a transmitting Tower. Check out position 16.

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