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Hochwacht – Homberg HB/AG-012

After HB/AG-001 i went to Hochwacht / Homberg (HB/AG-012). A nice open place with tables, benches and kids playground. Over there is a Look-out, to see the surroundings.

From here one can see the Lake of Hallwil as well as the lake of Baldegg. From the parking (there is a restarant nearby) you walk for a couple of minutes to get to the activation area. On 40m i worked Switzerland, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, England, Germany, Wales, Spain and Austria. The highlight was a s2s to Portugal.



73 de hb9fvk (ruedi)


La Montagne – Rechtenberg HB/JU-004

Since i planed a second activation in HB/JU i had another one hour drive to “Chalet des Amis de la Nature, Rettemberg, Rue du Boutchu, 2824 Vicques JU”, from here a hike¬† through the Wood, there is no sign at the top, you must navigate yourself. I use Oruxmaps, i can recomend this app for Android. A dead fallen tree trunk was my temporary shack. The antenna wire i throw over the trees. From this location, i could work Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia and Poland on 40m. 3 s2s out of 15 QSO.



73 de hb9fvk (ruedi)


Stierenberg HB/AG-001

My first activation in Kanton Aargau brought me to the Stierenberg. From the parking lot it was a short walk of a half hour. Close to the summit, you must follow a dirt track to get there. There a nice benches to install your shack. SInce there was no good signal on 20m i stuck to 40m, i worked Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Spain, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Austria, Poland and England, the last one with s2s.

Since i took some food, i decided to have a break here, for my dog i had some goodies that i throw away, so the dog had to search for them.



73 de hb9fvk (ruedi)

Mont Raimeux HB/JU-001

After a drive from 1h i arrived at “Vers les Maisons 95, 2745 Grandval”, from here there is a 10minute hike to the top of Mont Raimeux. The way goes across a meadow full of cattle. Well they fled as they saw my dog. HI. At the top we have tables and benches, a perfect place for my shack.I setup the antenna again as inverted L and worked Switzerland, Wales and Greece, Two QSO out of 4¬† as s2s. one QSO on 20m the rest on 40m.

Take care, the net for your cellular could be a french provider.



73 de hb9fvk (ruedi)