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Geissflue HB/BL-007

On the pass “Salhöhe” is a big parking lot, after leaving the car we followed the regular hike path for one hour to get to the activation area. There is a small place and a lot of hiker are walking by. I decided to hang my efhw as a inverted L, i fixed my tripod with heavy rocks. The mast is about 7 mters, from there over a tree branch, the rest of the wire i throw over the cliff over the trees.

With this setup i worked switzerland, scotland and england on 20m. Since there was no sun on this corner and my wife was getting cold, i stopped after 4 QSO, so 3 out of 4 QSO were S2S.

On the way to the Top, you may go a small track to the top of “Kanton Aargau“.

The signal for cellular phone is very weak up there, no update on Sotawatch for s2s.




73 de hb9fvk (ruedi)

F/VL-056 and F/VL-071

Since i made my sixtieth this summer, we spent some days in burgundy, near Chalon sur Soane. The first days were cold and wet, so just walked along the “Voie Verte“, very nice by the way.

I planned to make some sota during the holidays.


We started Sunday 02. July 2017 to activate 2 summits, here are the details.


The first Summit in that day was F/VL-071 “La Garenne de Chamilly”, the Activation Point lies in a forest, but there is same space not so wooded, a not perfect place to erect an antenna, but it worked. On this place i worked Italy and Switzerland on 40m, Spain and Croatia on 20m.


The Second Summit was FL/VL-056 “Mont Rome Château”, this is a bald hill, very easy to install the antenna. Unfortunately no sun, otherwise i would have had a nice view over the region. This was the second activation today, i worked Austria, Czechia and Polska.