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Burgfeldstand HB/BE-138

During this week, there was the Heitere Open Air, the fact, that we did’nt got tickets for sunday, we left for an activation. In the Berner Oberland are may popular summits, i selected HB/BE-138 above the Thunersee. CHeck the pictures.

By train you get to Thun, later by Bus to Beatenbucht. With a Funiculair up to Beatenberg, here you may visit the Beatus Caves. The Funiculair connects with a Gondola Lift to Niederhorn our starting point for a short hike to Burgfeldstand. At the Top, there are no supports at all, therefore i used my minimum antenna system. Tripod with homebrew copperplate, Coax plug both-sided and a plug for the counterpoise, see pictures.The Antenna is a MFJ-1840T (Monoband 40m). For 1 hour at the top, the outcome was not great, but 5 QSO is god enough.

During this time i worked 40m, Spain, England, Germany and Switzerland, thereof 2 S2S.

Thanks for the QSO’s




73 de hb9fvk (ruedi)

Chasseral HB/BE-104

During my Vacation i wanted a least one activation, as usual my wife wanted to join me, she likes to walk downhill and hates walking uphill, therefore we selected HB/BE-104 Chasseral. After some planning, we started early to get to the Top by Bus from St.Imier. At first we had a coffe at the fine restaurant. From the Top of Chasseral, you have a nice view to the three lake area, (Wiki only in German, sorry) this is also the language border swiss german to french. The other side shows the Jura Mountains with some wind engine.

After i went to install my equipment to have some QSO. i worked 5 s2s in Switzerland, Austria and Croatia, i worked some more from Croatia, UK and Germany.

Once i collected all my stuff, we started the hike downhill to Lignieres, There is a race course, mostly motorbikes. From here we toke the Post Bus to Le Landeron and then back home.


Napf HB/BE-154

I left QTH at around 10.00h for an activation of the well known Napf. The car has been left at “Hinder Ey”, (you may give CHF 2.-, parking fee), after Luthern Bad just follow the Road. After a hike of 80min, you are on Top of the Napf, partly crowded this morning.

After some QSO, i went for a “Sure Most” (Cider) and a Sandwich.




73 de hb9fvk (ruedi)