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Activation Canton Lucerne

3. Schweizer Bergaktivitätstag

My selected Summit was HB/LU-011, i went with my Wife and the Dog. Up there is little space to erect an Antenna. The main activation was occupied by paragliders. My antenna was close to an electric fence that made a lot of QRM on 40m Band, therefore i used 20m with the disadvantage of not being heard overall in Switzerland.

I still worked 6 S2S QSO with HB Summits, as well as UK, Belarus and Norway. Since we wanted to have a walk down, i left early.

The way down is good for experienced hikers. Next day i was suffering muscle soreness.


73 de hb9fvk /p

1. Activation HB/LU-019

Sunday Morning i went for HB/LU-019. i parked my car to a nearby forest, that belongs to my family. i went with our Dog.  After a short walk of 3/4 hour i was in place and tried to find a spot to erect my antenna. My first QSO was with G0RQL at UTC 09:31, thank you Don for joining me this morning.


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