Monte Generoso/ Calvagione HB/TI-101

Monte Generoso is a Peak with a special Building (restaurant Fiore di pietra (stone flower)) designed by Mario Botta a well known Swiss Architect, he worked all over the Word. . On the other end is a smal Observatory.

To get to the Top, you may use the Monte Generoso railway. A nice ride, you may walk from one one interstation to the next. From the Station is a short walk from a quarter hour to the top. Unfortunately there have been some fog clouds trailing around, no nice photos.

Anyway, i install my shack and started calling cq sota. By walking around i could get a LTE Signal to spot my summit.






thank you for QSO, 73 de hb9fvk (ruedi)

Cima della Trosa HB/TI-135

Once again i was on the way with Junior(got Papa in June 2019), Our target was Monte Gradiccioli, but when we got to Bellinzona, the following train to the Bus to Alpe Neggia was gone. So we had to activate Plan B.

The next Summit was therefore Cima della Trossa above Locarno. To the starting point we toke the funicular, the cable car and the chairlift to get to Cimetta. From we start the Hike to the top. About a 3/4h and 220m altitude difference later we were at the top and i could start working, nice List from SOTLAS.




thank you for QSO, 73 de hb9fvk (ruedi)

Rigi Kulm HB/SZ-021

Rigi is a peak in the Region central Switzerland and very well known by everybody and crowded on Sunday. There are three ways to get to the top. Either from Arth-Goldau, Weggis and Vitznau. The latter usually reached preferable by steamboat on the Lake of Lucerne.

There are two Summits within this Region, Rigi Kulm and Dosse. The outlook from this place is realy impressive.

The Swiss Verkehrshaus Lucerne, is a museum, that shows you all kind of transportation, new or old transportation, like train, plane, vessel etc. They have a Amateur Radio Station located there. They operate with a special call sign “HB9O“. My first QSO with them. Everyone can go there an try out their CV skills.

Later we walked back to Rigi Kaltbad, then back to Lucerne by steamboat and a galss of white wine. perfect conclusion of this activation.




thank you for QSO, 73 de hb9fvk (ruedi)

Burgfeldstand HB/BE-138

During this week, there was the Heitere Open Air, the fact, that we did’nt got tickets for sunday, we left for an activation. In the Berner Oberland are may popular summits, i selected HB/BE-138 above the Thunersee. CHeck the pictures.

By train you get to Thun, later by Bus to Beatenbucht. With a Funiculair up to Beatenberg, here you may visit the Beatus Caves. The Funiculair connects with a Gondola Lift to Niederhorn our starting point for a short hike to Burgfeldstand. At the Top, there are no supports at all, therefore i used my minimum antenna system. Tripod with homebrew copperplate, Coax plug both-sided and a plug for the counterpoise, see pictures.The Antenna is a MFJ-1840T (Monoband 40m). For 1 hour at the top, the outcome was not great, but 5 QSO is god enough.

During this time i worked 40m, Spain, England, Germany and Switzerland, thereof 2 S2S.

Thanks for the QSO’s




73 de hb9fvk (ruedi)

HB9SOTA Activation Day 2019

The Swiss Sota Mountain Activation Day 2019 toke place the 08.06.2019. My XYL joined me on this activation, therefore we went up with the cable car from Morschach upto Stoss. From there by Chairlift to Fronalpstock. Later we walked down to Stoos, trough snow….

At the Top there are normaly 4 alps pointer, fortunately they were not mounted yet, so i could use it as mountting point for my telescopic mast. I had a Endfed Antenna as sloper.

i worked a lot of suisse OM mostly s2s, plus Austria, Spain, UK and the Netherlands. I even did my first 2m QSO.


73 de hb9fvk(ruedi)

Hohe Winde HB/SO-009

In memory of our dog Kiana. R.I.P.

73 de hb9fvk (ruedi)


Monte Tamaro TI-131

I wanted to make a hike with my Junior. Depending the weather, we decided to go to the warmer part of Switzerland, Ticino. Since i wanted to make an activation during our hike we chose Monte Tamaro. This place is famous by the Chappel Santa Maria degli Angeli designed by Mario Botta.

By train we got to Rivera-Bironico and after a 10minute walk we arrived by the cable car station to Alpe Foppa. The hike started here. Monte Tamaro ist classified as T3 according Swiss SAC.

But at least we got there and had a break first, bread, landjäger and cervelat (typical switzerland). All togehter with a glass of wine (Gipfelwein).

Invigorated, i prepared for the acrivation. A HWEF as inverted L should do the job. First i tried to get an S2S, but no way. 40m the first QSO with Slovak Republic, Spain and UK. I tried 20m with no result so i got back to 40m and worked Czech Republic and Spain.

While i was working, there where 2 Italien Mounten Bikers getting to the top, carrying their bike, crazy people.

It was time to leave to catch the bus at Alpe Neggia. By bus an train we got to Bellinzona and had evening meal. Back home by train, trough the Gotthard Base Tunnel.





Chasseral HB/BE-104

During my Vacation i wanted a least one activation, as usual my wife wanted to join me, she likes to walk downhill and hates walking uphill, therefore we selected HB/BE-104 Chasseral. After some planning, we started early to get to the Top by Bus from St.Imier. At first we had a coffe at the fine restaurant. From the Top of Chasseral, you have a nice view to the three lake area, (Wiki only in German, sorry) this is also the language border swiss german to french. The other side shows the Jura Mountains with some wind engine.

After i went to install my equipment to have some QSO. i worked 5 s2s in Switzerland, Austria and Croatia, i worked some more from Croatia, UK and Germany.

Once i collected all my stuff, we started the hike downhill to Lignieres, There is a race course, mostly motorbikes. From here we toke the Post Bus to Le Landeron and then back home.


Swiss Sota Mountain Activation Day 2018

The Swiss Sota Mountain Activation Day 2018 toke place the 16.06.2018, a mostly sunny day. SInce i did not have a lof of time, i decided to go to HB/SO-019 thats close to my place. My wife drove me up and after a very short walk into the activation zone i started setup the antenna. This time i have a 10m and a 7m fiber mast and erected a Inverted L with an endfed (20m) antenna.

At the beginning i concentrated working S2S with other Swiss OM. After 8 S2S i started calling CQ on my own frequency, during this time i worked UK, Norway and Portugal and swiss OM doing S2S.

During the breaks, i was throwing the frisbee for my dog, she likes this game.

On Top of the Engelberg, there is a transmitting Tower. Check out position 16.